Lincolnshire Chess Association


The County Championship Warm Up Tournament (CCWU) has been taking place on The game format is called Daily Chess which is a style of correspondence chess. The time control is 3 days per move. There are 2 groups with 5 teams in each group. All the teams play each other once in the group. The winner of each group then play in a grand final. There is no cut off date for the matches to end but a team can declare a win once an unassailable lead has been reached. Lincolnshire are playing in group 2.


Lincolnshire topped group 2 and progressed to the final to play Derbyshire where they lost 8-6.


Round 1 14/9/20
Round 2 28/9/20
Round 3 12/10/20
Round 4 26/10/20
Round 5 9/11/20
Final 13/3/21 Derbyshire v Lincolnshire

Match scores last updated 8/8/21

Group Tables

Group 1 Table
Group Points Win %
Derbyshire 6 56.90%
Ise of Man 5 67.41%
Edinburgh 5 41.76%
Lanarkshire 3 42.95%
Berkshire 1 33.33%
Group 2 Table
Group Points Win %
Lincolnshire 8 72.86%
Tayside, Fife & Stirlingshire 6 54.73%
Warwickshire 3 44.57%
Bedfordshire-Northamptonshire 2 42.14%
Hertfordshire 1 35.63%

Match results

R1 Lincolnshire vs Bedfordshire
R2 Tayside and Fife vs Lincolnshire
R3 Hertfordshire vs Lincolnshire
R4 Bye
R5 Warwickshire v Lincolnshire
Final Derbyshire v Lincolnshire