Lincolnshire Chess Association

U140 Counties Competition Open Team (2018-19)

MCCU U140 Counties Championship Open
Position Teams Pl W D L Match Pts
1 Worcestershire 6 5 1 0 11
2 Nottinghamshire 6 4 0 2 8
3 Leicestershire 6 3 0 3 6
4 Derbyshire 6 2 1 3 5
5 Lincolnshire 5 2 0 3 4
6 Warwickshire 6 2 0 4 4
7 Staffordshire 5 1 0 4 2

MCCU U140 Counties Championship Match Results
Date Match Result
27 Oct Lincolnshire v Derbyshire 4-11
8 Dec Leicestershire v Lincolnshire 8½-7½
12 Jan Nottinghamshire v Lincolnshire 7½-8½
26 Jan Worcestershire v Lincolnshire 10-6
23 Feb Lincolnshire v Warwickshire 8½-7½
23 Mar Lincolnshire v Staffordshire

Lincolnshire v Derbyshire

Report from William Orr

The U140 team played Derbyshire at the Lindum Group in North Hykeham, the match starting slightly later than planned after the Derbyshire players had negotiated various road works and delays on the way.

As usual I didn’t see too much of the action, but an occasional look at the score-sheet showed Derbyshire with a comfortable lead that eventually led to an 11-4 match winning result. There were draws for John Mainwaring, Graham Rae, Frank Robinson and John Pocock. My own game ended when I requested a draw according to the 2-minute rule, and the game was subsequently sent for adjudication.

There were wins for Andy Harris and David Scott.

The game between David Scott and Roy Woods is available to view and download. View game

Date: 27/10/18
Venue: Lindum Group
Lincolnshire (Home team) Derbyshire (Away team)
Board Colour Name Club Grade Score Name Club Grade
1 W John Mainwaring Scunthorpe 138 ½-½ Dylan Meyer Rolls Royce Derby 139
2 Grenville Wollerton Grantham 137 0-1 Matthew Bubis Rolls Royce Derby 137
3 W David Scott Louth 132 1-0 Roy Woods Spondon 133
4 B Andrew Harris Lincoln 125 1-0 Graham Pace Spondon 127
5 W Peter Sherlock Lincoln 123 0-1 Philip Sheldon Spondon 127
6 B Neil Roberts Lincoln 122 0-1 Vaughan Smith Belper 125
7 W Mike Dew Barton 120 0-1 Stephen G Wootton Rolls Royce Derby 121
8 B William Orr Horncastle 116 ADJ-ADJ Saurav Sunny Rolls Royce Derby 118
9 W Mark Newstead Horncastle 115 0-1 Brian Lever Clay Cross 118
10 B Charles Moss Lincoln 111 0-1 Leslie Fancourt Derby 116
11 W Adam Cook Louth 108 0-1 Michael Boreham Rolls Royce Derby 116
12 B Graham Rae Horncastle 107 ½-½ Andre Cockburn Derby 115
13 W Frank Robinson Spalding 105 ½-½ Rodger Walker Belper 115
14 B Terry Bennett Spalding 105 0-1 Nigel Marshall Rolls Royce Derby 114
15 W Christopher Cumbers Grantham 99 0-1 Frank Pearson Clay Cross 111
16 B John Pocock Grantham 96 ½-½ Herbert Loomes Spondon 98

Leicestershire v Lincolnshire

Report from William Orr

The Leicestershire v Lincolnshire match was played at Rothley, a new venue for us. As seems usual in the U140 matches we were, on average, out-graded by our opponents but still managed to put up a good performance. And also as seems usual, I missed all the action, but the match was still in the balance right at the end. With two games left in progress we needed to win both to tie the match score. David Scott duly delivered a win on board 3, leaving the outcome of the match on board 9 where I eventually had to agree a draw, leaving Leicestershire winners by a single match point.

Here’s Andrew Watson’s winning game. View game.

Date: 8/12/18
Venue: Rothley
Leicestershire (Home team) Lincolnshire (Away team)
Board Colour Name Club Grade Score Name Club Grade
1 B Bob Wallace Melton Mowbray 137 ½-½ John Mainwaring Scunthorpe 138
2 Chris Knight Melton Mowbray 134 ½-½ Grenville Wollerton Grantham 137
3 B James Bingham Braunstone 134 0-1 David Scott Louth 132
4 W Ben Vaughan Wigston 133 ½-½ Peter Sherlock Lincoln 123
5 B Andrew Wilson Ashby 133 1-0 Neil Roberts Lincoln 122
6 W Ian Farquharson Melton Mowbray 133 1-0 Allan Nelder Grantham 122
7 B Shaun Wilkinson Braunstone 130 ½-½ William Egan Scunthorpe 120
8 W Gijs Kruitsbosch Kirby Castlers 128 ½-½ Richard Coats Spalding 117
9 B Les Corlett Wigston 129 ½-½ William Orr Horncastle 116
10 W Michael Busby Thurnby 126 ½-½ Mark Newstead Horncastle 115
11 B Mick Sandham Anstey 130 0-1 Andrew Watson Horncastle 111
12 W RF Collins (Bob) Thurnby 124 1-0 Adam Cook Louth 108
13 B Ben Raine Wigston 123 0-1 Graeme Rae Horncastle 107
14 W Julian Tang Leicester 115 0-1 Frank Robinson Spalding 105
15 B Peter Hickman Loughborough 116 1-0 Terry Bennett Spalding 105
16 W Barrie Cooper Wigston 116 1-0 Paul Fischer Lincoln 104

Nottinghamshire v Lincolnshire

Report from William Orr

The U140 team travelled to Bramcote for the match against a strong Nottinghamshire side. I had made myself reserve to cover a couple of possible late withdrawals, but when our full team arrived I was able to relax and enjoy my new role as a partisan spectator. Mark Newstead got us off to a good start with a quick tactical win. Peter Sherlock soon agreed a draw but defeats for Neil Roberts and Charles Moss left Nottinghamshire in front. John Mainwaring was next to agree a draw, but Alex Ashworth found the winning plan in a king-and-pawns endgame, and the match was level again. Paul Fischer had the advantage in a queen-and-pawns endgame, but with his clock running down, settled for a draw. Andy Harris was forced to resign, putting Notts back in front. Alan Nelder was next to finish with a nice mating attack using a rook and pair of knights. The score didn’t stay level for long as Bill Egan lost leaving us a point behind once again. There were six boards still in play, and all seemed to have settled down into long games. Frank Robinson had won a piece early in his game, but his opponent was clawing back the material deficit by winning pawns and Frank clearly had problems defending his position. Meanwhile Graeme Rae was running into time trouble, eventually meeting the 36-move time control with seconds to spare. On board 3 there was still a long way to go, but David Scott had a slightly better position, with his pair of rooks threatening a weak pawn. John Pocock played accurately to deliver a draw and Grenville Wollerton finished next, carefully keeping the initiative to win a major-pieces endgame and level the match score. Defeat for Frank was cancelled out by a win for Terry, and we were down to the last two boards with the match still level. Graeme had reached a tricky rook-and-pawns endgame, but found a way to exchange the rooks and force a draw. Decision time on the last board with the match still in the balance, but David had picked off the pawn he had been targeting and exchanged off the rooks to reach a king-and-pawns endgame that he soon won comfortably. That left Lincolnshire with a small but satisfying 8.5-7.5 match victory.

Here are the winning games from Grenville Wollerton, Allan Nelder, Mark Newstead, Alex Ashworth and Terry Bennett. View Games

Date: 12/1/19
Venue: Bramcote
Nottinghamshire (Home team) Lincolnshire (Away team)
Board Colour Name Club Grade Score Name Club Grade
1 B James Thomson West Nottingham 138 ½-½ John Mainwaring Scunthorpe 138
2 Mark Radford Nottingham Central 136 0-1 Grenville Wollerton Grantham 137
3 B Nigel Wright Ashfield 133 0-1 David Scott Louth 132
4 W Chris Sargeant Beeston 129 1-0 Andrew Harris Lincoln 125
5 B Dave Griffiths Nomads 128 ½-½ Peter Sherlock Lincoln 123
6 W Kim Mergen West Nottingham 139 1-0 Neil Roberts Lincoln 122
7 B Graham Neil Nomads 128 0-1 Allan Nelder Grantham 122
8 W Gary Bosworth Newark 127 1-0 Bill Egan Scunthorpe 120
9 B Callum Rigney Nottingham University 127 0-1 Mark Newstead Horncastle 115
10 W Vidura Mendis West Nottingham 127 0-1 Alex Ashworth Lincoln 115
11 B George Murfet Radcliffe & Bingham 126 1-0 Charles Moss Lincoln 111
12 W Mike Nailard Radcliffe & Bingham 125 ½-½ Graeme Rae Horncastle 107
13 B Chris Budd West Bridgford 125 0-1 Terry Bennett Spalding 105
14 W Matt Naybour Nottingham University 120 1-0 Frank Robinson Spalding 105
15 B Mick Harper Gambit 120 ½-½ Paul Fischer Lincoln 104
16 W Chris Fraser West Bridgford 119 ½-½ John Pocock Grantham 96

Worcestershire v Lincolnshire

Report from William Orr

The U140 side were back in Rothley for the match against Worcestershire, who fielded a strong side. Despite this we soon notched up a 3-point lead, thanks to wins from Adam Cook, Neil Roberts and myself. Unfortunately this was the high-water mark of our day, as a series of draws and defeats ate away at our lead until eventually Worcs edged in front, and despite sterling efforts the last three boards to finish all went their way. That left us on the wrong end of a 10-6 score. There are fewer winning games from this match, but here are the games by Neil Roberts and myself View Games

Date: 26/1/19
Venue: Rothley
Worcestershire (Home team) Lincolnshire (Away team)
Board Colour Name Club Grade Score Name Club Grade
1 B Dave Spowart Kidderminster 143 1-0 Grenville Wollerton Grantham 140
2 Harry Evans Redditch 141 ½-½ David Scott Louth 137
3 B Sam Bradley Stourbridge 137 1-0 John Mainwaring Scunthorpe 131
4 W Peter Seeley Redditch 137 1-0 Bill Egan Scunthorpe 120
5 B Tony Shaw Stourbridge 137 0-1 Neil Roberts Lincoln 120
6 W David Waud Kidderminster 136 ½-½ Allan Nelder Grantham 117
7 B Matthew Holmes Worcestershire 136 1-0 Alex Ashworth Lincoln 115
8 W Jon Asbury Shirley & Wythall 132 ½-½ Peter Sherlock Lincoln 114
9 B Ian Truscott Greenlands 131 0-1 Adam Cook Louth 113
10 W Giles Stanton Redditch 131 1-0 Mike Dew Barton 113
11 B Richard Wilkinson Sourbridge 123 0-1 William Orr Horncastle 112
12 W Jeremy Humphries Stourbridge 121 ½-½ Andrew Watson Louth 110
13 B John Varilone Kidderminster 119 ½-½ Terry Bennett Spalding 110
14 W Arnold Kirkland Droitwich 119 1-0 Graeme Rae Horncastle 109
15 B David Cleak Droitwich 116 1-0 Frank Robinson Spalding 108
16 W Terry Radford Droitwich 88 ½-½ Paul Fischer Lincoln 101

Lincolnshire v Warwickshire

Report from William Orr

The U140 side were in Rothley once again for the match against Warwickshire. The match coincided with congresses in Doncaster and Warwick, and a number of players were unavailable as a consequence. Warwickshire were the more badly affected side and notified that they would have to default 3 boards. Unfortunately we also had a default on the day because of illness, so the match began with a 3-1 advantage to Lincolnshire and 13 boards in play. Warwick made good progress in their attempt to overturn the deficit, but wins for Mark Newstead, Alex Ashworth and Robert Sidlarevic got us across the line to secure a narrow match victory. Here are their winning games.

View Games

Date: 23/2/19
Venue: Rothley
Lincolnshire (Home team) Warwickshire (Away team)
Board Colour Name Club Grade Score Name Club Grade
1 W Grenville Wollerton Grantham 140 0-1 Praveen Joy Solihull 139
2 James Smith Spalding 126 0-1 Mike Biddle Boldmere St Michael 134
3 W Allan Nelder Grantham 117 0-1 Terry Walker South Birmingham 134
4 B Richard Coats Spalding 116 0-1 Richard Dobedoe Stratford 133
5 W Alex Ashworth Lincoln 115 1-0 Simon Weaver Coventry Chess 131
6 B Mark Newstead Horncastle 115 1-0 Peter Oliver Sutton Coldfield 129
7 W Peter Sherlock Lincoln 114 ½-½ Frank Jimenez Shirley & Wythall 123
8 B Adam Cook Louth 113 ½-½ Derek Stockhall South Birmingham 121
9 W William Orr Horncastle 112 ½-½ Mike Johnson Coventry Chess 120
10 B Robert Sidlarewicz Lincolnshire 110 1-0 Chris Pitt Shirley & Wythall 117
11 W Terry Bennett Spalding 110 ½-½ Kevin Spillane Boldmere St Michael 117
12 B Graeme Rae Horncastle 109 ½-½ Aoise Evans Warwickshire 114
13 W Charles Moss Lincoln 109 1-0 Default    
14 B Paul Fischer Lincoln 101 1-0 Default    
15 W Chris Cumbers Grantham 89 1-0 Default    
16 B Default     0-1 Barry Evans   119