Lincolnshire Chess Association

Minor Counties Competition (2017-18)

MCCU Minor Counties Championship
Position Teams Pl W D L Pts
1 Lincolnshire 3 3 0 0 6
2 Warwickshire 3 2 0 1 4
3 Nottinghamshire 3 1 0 2 2
4 Leicestershire 3 1 0 2 2
5 Worcestershire 2 0 0 2 0

MCCU Minor Counties Championship Match Results
Date Match Result
28 Oct Leicestershire v Lincolnshire 6½-9½
18 Nov Lincolnshire v Worcestershire 11½-4½
20 Jan Nottinghamshire v Lincolnshire 7½-8½
18 Feb Lincolnshire v Warwickshire

Leicestershire v Lincolnshire

Report from Nigel Birtwistle

The MCCU fixture list always provides Lincolnshire with some difficulties in selecting a team in alternate seasons. Last year we had the luxury of two home games in Lincoln and two matches at neutral venues. This season we are faced with two matches away from home and two matches at neutral venues. So getting a strong team for every match will not be easy due to the amount of travel involved and the fact that Lincolnshire are also current the defending Minor Counties champions makes us the team that everyone wants to beat.

The first fixture of the season saw us travel to play Leicestershire at Thurmaston. I was very pleased to be able to field a strong team and I was hoping that the team could win an away fixture against Leicestershire for the first time since 2009. When myself and the new Leicestershire captain John Denton exchanged team sheets it was clear that the sides were very evenly matched on paper. Our matches against Leicestershire are always very hard fought contests and it looked like this would be no exception.

Surprisingly however the match didn’t quite pan out as I had anticipated. Lincolnshire were always in control of the match and after a few drawn games the wins started to come in and we never relinquished our lead. By the time Leicestershire had registered just their second win of the day Lincolnshire had already recorded five victories of their own to secure the match. The final two games in play were drawn to leave Lincolnshire winners by a 9½ - 6½ margin.

This was an excellent team performance by Lincolnshire in their opening fixture especially away from home against difficult opposition. Another milestone in my captaincy was also achieved when we won away against Leicestershire for the first time since I became captain in 2009. Hopefully we will be able to continue our good form when we travel to play Worcestershire at a neutral venue on Saturday November 18th.

Date: 28/10/17
Venue: Thurmaston
Leicestershire (Home team) Lincolnshire (Away team)
Board Colour Name Club Grade Score Name Club Grade
1 W Bao Nghia Dong Loughborough 215 0-1 Chris Dorrington Grantham 228
2 B Martin Burrows Wigston 196 ½-½ Nigel Birtwistle Grantham 199
3 W Shabir Okhai Syston 202 ½-½ Samuel Milson Louth 195
4 B Alan Agnew Leicestershire 199 ½-½ Paul Cumbers Grantham 193
5 W Phil Horspool Wigston 183 1-0 Nick Stead Grimsby 192
6 B John Denton Melton Mowbray 180 0-1 Stephen Prior Grantham 192
7 W Graham Sharpe Heathcote Arms 177 0-1 Jason Dilley Grantham 188
8 B Sean Sheahan Shepshed 178 0-1 Stuart Williams Grantham 182
9 W Robert Taylor Syston 178 0-1 Ivan David Grantham 177
10 B Ray Burgess Thurnby 176 1-0 Joe Kilshaw Grimsby 175
11 W Paul Colburn Braunstone 172 ½-½ Keith Palmer Louth 168
12 B Constantin Gramaticu Syston 170 ½-½ Denis Georgiou Scunthorpe 166
13 W Karl Potter Syston 163 ½-½ Francis Bowers New England 161
14 B Mike Salisbury Braunstone 150 ½-½ Chris Holt Grantham 159
15 W Graham Booley Heathcote Arms 149 ½-½ Andy Hebert Grantham 158
16 B Jim Bingham Braunstone 146 ½-½ Arya Parnian Grimsby 139

Lincolnshire v Worcestershire

Report from Nigel Birtwistle

After winning their opening match against Leicestershire last month, Lincolnshire travelled to the neutral venue of Frolesworth in Leicestershire to face Worcestershire. The Lincolnshire team was much changed with six players who played against Leicestershire being unavailable. However I was able to call upon the services of several players who might not normally be in the team on grading when everybody is available. These players are always keen and enthusiastic to play when given the chance and once again they did not let the team down.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Worcestershire also had several players unavailable and that we out graded them on every single board. Still the match was never going to be won on paper and the tag of being the favourite is never an easy one.

Joe Kilshaw got Lincolnshire off to a perfect start when he launched a sacrificial attack on his opponents castled king and chased the monarch all the way over to the queenside where he administered the final blow. After this early win Lincolnshire never looked back and eased their way to a comfortable 11½-4½ victory. I was impressed with the manner of our victory with all of the players who deputised in this match performing excellently.

Lincolnshire’s next match will be on Saturday January 20th 2018 away against Nottinghamshire. I am expecting a strong response from Nottinghamshire who will no doubt be very keen to gain revenge for the heavy 13-3 defeat we inflicted on them when the two sides met last season.

Date: 18/11/17
Venue: Frolesworth
Lincolnshire (Home team) Worcestershire (Away team)
Board Colour Name Club Grade Score Name Club Grade
1 B Nigel Birtwistle Grantham 199 1-0 Kevin Hurney Worcestershire 191
2 Paul Cumbers Grantham 193 ½-½ Dan Lambourne Redditch 181
3 B Nick Stead Grimsby 192 ½-½ John Edge Halesowen 178
4 W Stephen Prior Grantham 192 1-0 Lee Davis Malvern 176
5 B Murray Smith Lincoln 185 1-0 Gary Jackson Worcestershire 172
6 W Stuart Williams Grantham 182 ½-½ Brian Turner Malvern 170
7 B Ivan David Grantham 177 ½-½ Geoff Marchant Malvern 167
8 W Joe Kilshaw Grimsby 175 1-0 Stephen Woodhouse Worcestershire 166
9 B Denis Georgiou Scunthorpe 166 ½-½ John Wrench Kidderminster 161
10 W Peter Cusick Grantham 162 ½-½ Mike Hadley Halesowen 160
11 B Ian Burridge Newark 162 0-1 Nigel Towers Redditch 160
12 W Chris Holt Grantham 159 1-0 Ray Collett Worcester 145
13 B Graham Ladds Newark 146 1-0 David Smith Worcestershire 145
14 W Chris Hill Grantham 145 ½-½ John Chester Kidderminster 137
15 B Ian McDonald Lincoln 142 1-0 John Varilone Kidderminster 134
16 W Arya Parnian Grimsby 139 1-0 Dave Spowart Kidderminster 130

Nottinghamshire v Lincolnshire

Date: 20/1/18
Venue: Bramcote
Nottinghamshire (Home team) Lincolnshire (Away team)
Board Colour Name Club Grade Score Name Club Grade
1 B Craig Whitfield Nottinghamshire 188 1-0 Chris Dorrington Grantham 228
2 Robert Richmond West Bridgford 188 ½-½ Nigel Birtwistle Grantham 199
3 B Jiri Jires Gambit 180e 0-1 Samuel Milson Louth 195
4 W Brian Thompson West Bridgford 180 0-1 Paul Cumbers Grantham 193
5 B Alex Combie Newark 180 0-1 Nick Stead Grimsby 192
6 W Peter Mercs Gambit 178 1-0 Murray Smith Lincoln 185
7 B John Swain Gambit 177 0-1 Stuart Williams Grantham 182
8 W Daniel Broughton West Bridgford 175 ½-½ Ivan David Grantham 177
9 B Andrew Walker University 171 0-1 Joe Kilshaw Grimsby 175
10 W Richard Truman West Bridgford 169 1-0 Keith Palmer Louth 168
11 B Andrew George Newark 167 1-0 Francis Bowers Lincolnshire 161
12 W David Flynn Nomads 166 ½-½ Andrew Hebert Grantham 158
13 B Mike Naylor Gambit 165 1-0 Graham Ladds Newark 146
14 W Florian Biermann Gambit 147e 0-1 Ian McDonald Lincoln 142
15 B Julian Cast Long Eaton 163 0-1 Stuart MacDonald Grimsby 142
16 W Oliver Graham Gambit 162 1-0 Arya Parnian Grimsby 139